DATE:  Sept. 24, 2020

On-line Field-testing of Health Numeracy Project Web-app Recruitment and information/consent form.

You are invited to take part in the field testing of the HNP web-app through which we will be evaluating its format and content as part of a research project entitled “Improving Health Numeracy in Health Science Students and Professionals Through an Online Instrument” and funded by SSHRC. This study is led by professors Taras Gula (George Brown College) and Miroslav Lovric (McMaster University).  Data will be collected by a research assistant (RA) who will work under the guidance of Taras Gula.

What do I need to do to participate?
You will need to join the Team called HNP Research Hub available through your Microsoft license.  There an RA will set up a time/date during which you will engage with and about the app in a question answer session.  The RA will set up a channel within which your interactions will take place through the chat, and/or meetings functions.

The RA does not have a set of questions to ask you, instead we are hoping that you bring questions about difficulties that you are having with the format of the app, or its contents.  If needed you may be asked to share your screen while working through questions so that the RA can better help you, but you do not have to share any information that you don’t wish to share.  While helping you through the challenges you face, the RA will be collecting information about the difficulties you are having and the solutions that you or they propose to resolve them. 

What choice do I have?
Participation is entirely voluntary. By joining the HNP Research Hub you are providing consent to collection of data based on your interactions with the RA. You may withdraw any element of the participation of the session you are in by informing the RA that you are withdrawing through the chat function and leaving the meeting. If you desire you can   ask the RA to remove your data from that session and you may do so without giving a reason.  Information that you may have provided in previous sessions cannot be removed as it will not be connected to any identifiable information.
How will the information collected be used?  Data collected will be used to help us revise and refine the learning content and format of the HNP web-app so that we can do the best job possible to help students and others improve their health numeracy, and we hope to publish information about this evaluation for the Math Education community.

If you would like to participate, please click on this link to join the HNP research hub team. Thank you for considering this invitation,

Signature of P.I.

This project has been approved by the George Brown College Research Ethics Board, Approval No. [6004309]